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My first visit to Australia was a very short one. It happened almost unintentionally as Sydney airport was the last stop on our way to New Zealand. We landed at 5am. The first thing I noticed was the heavy rain outside. Somehow I didn’t expect that! The picture of Australia I imagined had nothing to do with the reality I could see through the windows. Also, I guess after being high in the air for so many hours we expected the same light to meet us on the ground. Certainly not heavy rain! Continue reading

pischinger waffles

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New ingredients (and there are still a few on my list) or new and challenging recipes are something that I am easily drawn to. As a matter of fact, quite often that would be my first choice. It is so challenging and exciting to make something new! The thought you have to put in, the energy, not to mention the adrenalin, is enough to make any food making lover all excited. This is how it looks, at least around here: There is always an intriguing reason to start with a new recipe. Sometimes I just read quite a few recipes that include the new ingredient – hoping at the same time that I can bring it down to only one recipe. In the end I discard all that has been read and start from scratch thinking only how much sweetness, sourness, bitterness and God knows how many other ..ness –es I can combine together to get the desired taste. The small moment of truth is that building/creating the recipe is definitely one of the most exiting things for me to do. Continue reading

chocolate truffles


trufflesduoWhen I decided to make my first truffles I had no dilemma about where to look for the recipe. Who else to look up but Alice Medrich, the lady who started her career making and selling truffles! The rest is really a history. I am sure that there is not a person or maybe I should be more specific, a person involved with food (even just as a gourmand), who hasn’t heard of this lady. Her recipes are unique in delicacy, balance of ingredients and beauty. I have loved everything I’ve baked from her recipe collection and these truffles are just another winner.

Truffles are a simple but rather rich dessert. They can be nicely accompanied by a glass of wine or nice sip of liqueur. I’ve made many different ones but these are my latest favourite. The texture is just divinely smooth.

IMG_9057-2 Continue reading



I can remember exactly when and where I tasted my first brownie! Obviously it was love at first sight and you don’t forget that easily. Back in the 90’s we lived in Auckland, New Zealand. We were leading a very busy life. I was a self employed designer and I had no time to bake chocolate cakes and all those wonderful cakes I grew up with. Nevertheless, I missed them very much.


One summer a good friend came for a visit, all the way from the homeland. You should know that New Zealand’s nature is absolutely unique in its beauty – everyone should have a chance to be indulged by it. We were completely charmed and we saw only a small part of this beautiful country. I remember how wonderful it was to share all this with a friend, who I grew up with, in the beautiful city of Belgrade amongst the old buildings full of charm and history but completely different to Auckland.


After we had visited all the beaches, one yacht cruise included (which I didn’t handle well at all and ended up being sea sick for the entire cruise), the country-side and many other outdoor experiences, we both realised that we are missing the city vibe! So one day we decided to spend the whole day just cruising through the streets of Auckland. We had fun and a wonderful time but at the end of the day, feeling quite exhausted we were both looking forward to going back home to a nice glass of vino – just to realise that I locked my car keys in. Continue reading