Walnut and raisin swirl bread

strudl a

strudl d

In less than a month we are to start our journey across the world. That always means visiting our family. We are all looking forward to it and we all have our reasons. The youngest one is mostly looking forward to the love and attention (gifts included) that he receives from everyone in immense quantities. The rest of the family, which are the two parents, are glad to provide the above mentioned happiness to the young one and indulge the grandparents with the presence of their grandchild. But don’t think that this is a sacrifice to us, as we, the parents, have our own little moments that make this time special. They mainly include wondering through the city, remembering and reliving our past, or making new adventures and stories with our son. There is a whole list of things to do but I am mostly looking forward to the slow pace of the days that any holiday should provide: short and long walks, time together, good food and small treats. Which brings me to the subject of this post. May not be a small one but it’s certainly a treat! Continue reading

chocolate chip hot cross buns



One of the best parts of being a parent to me is the opportunity to exercise the brain cells and watch the learning curve grow every single day. I am not referring to the child’s learning curve here but ours, the parents’. I learn from my child every day! Most of the time something rather simple, and other times something amazing, but I equally enjoy the benefit of both. My favourite example of a simple and an ordinary hint would be our hot cross bun discovery a few weeks ago. I didn’t take these little treats seriously until my son pointed that way. Continue reading

irresistible chocolate banana bread



Not a while ago I was a person who would just wrinkle her nose passing by any banana bread. I might have  mentioned this earlier, in this post. I just didn’t like the idea of cooking/baking with bananas at all. Now the first banana bread that made me change my mind was a wonderful banana bread made with almond meal… but I’ll tell you all about it one day in the future as posting two recipes with the same main ingredient in one month is a stretch already.

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when you are in love… homemade Nutella and diverse Brioche


When you are in love, well you are in love! This sentence made me smile. You can certainly try and distract yourself by doing something else, preferably exciting like – baking, cooking, reading, singing, sewing, knitting, paragliding or dieting but at the end there is one thing you cannot stop doing and that is – thinking about the object of your love. So, I’ve been trying to ignore this object of my love for quite some time now. What is the reason for such a drastic measure, you might ask? Well, you see I actually don’t like Nutella – there I said it. Continue reading

spelt bread & goat cheese

IMG_9842 copy

This is what I’ve been doing lately. Almost every day, because  of  “This is the best bread ever mum”! And because the little one is so right. It’s good, no doubt about that but when I think about  the best part of this story it has to be the simplicity of making and baking this bread.

But this is not a short story. There is a history behind bread making in my life. I had a thing for bread a while ago. I mean a real thing. Since I was the main baker in the house, I decided that we deserve the best that some flour, water and a bit of a leaven can produce. We are not going to buy bread as I will make it. How hard could that be? Well I can tell you that wasn’t really an easy journey, because the first steps in baking such a delicate thing were quite clumsy. But thanks to the big smile on my husband’s face, every time he tasted the bread I baked (and I could not love him more for that, because only the strongest in their hearts (and teeth) could have survived those beginnings), here we are  just about to talk about the ultimate success of home baked bread!

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marble cake

marble cake

Marble cake: “Ladies and gentleman, welcome to Bake. How do you do? I am a Marble cake. There are other cakes around me but this is my moment and this space is dedicated to me. I am one of the most respectable cakes in the world – so don’t be surprised. Quite often I find my self in the first few pages of any recipe book. Remember recipe books, those marvellous collection of pages in which beauties like me have their history recorded. As a matter of fact the lady who is taking notes, has a few different versions of me in her own recipe book. That is how one starts a baking journey. You bake a cake like me and if it’s a good one you are on a successful road to becoming a wonderful baker. I might be a simple cake, but I am very beautiful in my simplicity. I am tough but my texture is crumbly. I am sweet but not too sweet. I like being served with a cup of tea but I am mixed with yoghurt. You can spread a thin layer of butter on a slice of me but I am baked with oil. I am white and I am black. Ladies and gentlemen I am Marble Cake”.

marble cake

 Me:”well I don’t really have anything to add. Marble cake has said it all”.

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spelt flour roulade

White spelt roulada

White spelt roulada

We’ve just moved to a new apartment. The hustle of packing and unpacking lasted for a few days or maybe a week, although at one point  seemed like it was never going to end, it did. Now we are surrounded again with our furniture, books, paintings and most importantly – toys. Ok maybe there is a random unpacked box that may remain unpacked for the next move, but hey, no one is perfect, even the ones who have a history of moving around the World every few years.

On the scale of stress moving stands quite high and knowing that I try to find some beauty in it as well. Well maybe not particularly in the packing and unpacking part but for example, arranging well known pieces of our household into a completely new space is the part that I fully enjoy. That kept me awake until very late the other night, unpacking paintings and finding the perfect spot for each and every  one, incorporating our own history onto our new blank walls. I decided a while ago that home is where we are, but parts of our houshold that fly across the world a few times with us and have their own story to tell and bring memories every time I look at them – help a lot as well.

White spelt roulada

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raspberry spelt loaf

spelt and raspberry loaf

We rush – almost run through our lives. We have daily lists of things that need to be done and most of them can’t be transferred to  the next day – because a new day has a new list! Sometimes weeks can pass by without pressing pause! To stop for a moment, to think, to wish – to daydream. I am completely aware of this and I don’t waste time when I see an opportunity.

spelt and raspberry loaf

Today I pressed pause in the middle of the day and – I wished for a cake. A nourishing, glorious cake! that will make me stop for a moment, sum up my thoughts and my whole day…and I baked one – just for me!

It was the late afternoon when I realised that I have to capture this moment. We had just passed the shortest day in the year and daylight disappears quickly…so I managed to take just a few photos and I want to share them with you and the recipe as well. It is a very comforting cake and I am sure it’ll come in handy during the winter time ahead of us. Continue reading