Buckwheat tart with kale, Duch carrots and chèvre

buckwheat tart 1

buckwheat tart duo

Do you know when to use the terms as “tart”, “quiche” or “pie”. Do you find it confusing? They all represent the same dish just with tiny differences. With “tart” you have to be precise if it is sweet or savoury, because it could be either. “Quiche” is always savoury so you are safe there. “Pie” could also be equally confusing as “tart” so make sure to name it properly. When you add a flan or galette to the list, phew, it is so confusing that you really want to go to the basic and use the name as you need it.

A savoury tart with kale and a few more vegetables and of course a goat’s cheese would be a precise name for this one. I emphasise the goat’s cheese as for me a savoury tart alway goes with it. I am afraid my love for this cheese makes me less creative but I promise that any new ideas will be shared here as soon as they come along. Continue reading

sourdough and caramelised plums as a perfect union


Many years ago we went to a Paco de Lucia concert. We were well prepared as we knew that he was a magician more than a musician, but what followed was more than we expected. The concert started with an exquisite group of musicians and it sounded like the Earth stopped so we could all listen just the music and nothing else. I was enchanted from the first note that travelled through the concert hall. The magic started instantly. I could not have imagined that any music could sound better than that. It became immediately one of the best performances ever!

Then, while we were all spellbound by the music that was presented to us – something truly magical happened. In the beginning I wasn’t sure what it was. It didn’t really sound like music – it was so much more! It was like all the universe stopped so we could hear only that and nothing else. That was Paco de Lucia performing! I could see a person playing a guitar but it was like my eyes were not compatible with my ears, and what I could see didn’t match what I could hear! Truly a single person with a guitar cannot give us as much pleasure. I was wrong, that was exactly what happened. Continue reading

november’s roast pumpkin tart with goat’s cheese and sage


The last few weeks have been busy with so many different projects that I don’t know how I managed to put the basic food on our table every day. In a time like this, when a person doesn’t have time to think about what to make not to mention to make a shopping list and plan in advance, I just reach for the ingredients lying around the pantry, in the refrigerator or on any shelf in the kitchen. Which are, I am sure highly used tactics by any cook in many households. I know for sure that many good dishes were created this way!

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gibanica meets pita – Prekmurska gibanica



I’ve being thinking lately about the reality we live every day and the “reality” we wish for. The first inevitable truth that will strike you is that somehow those two doesn’t mach – at least not as often as we would like them to. My own story is no different. A constant juggle off wishes, life demands and routines, an occasional break just to get stronger for a new wave of obligations. But after a dentist visit (that was hard), long school hours and a sentence like “How much do you love me, mum?” I realised that we need a home project, something that will relax us and bring us back together.

Beside the fact that relaxing almost always involves cooking and baking, this is a food blog so here we go! Continue reading

corn bread aka proja

proja 7


I really believe in good old dinner time. Ok, maybe lunch time should be included as well especially if you were raised in a country where everyone had to work for 8 hours (rest for 8 hours and sleep for 8 hours) and work ended at 3pm (not any more though, that was in our parents’ time). Our mum would still have time to prepare an early dinner or lunch as we used to call it – A proper meal was important and it had to be there for us –  every day! Continue reading

home made filo pastry spinach pie – zeljanica

IMG_9457 copy

So far this space has been dedicated to cakes and all different sweets but just this once (or maybe a few more times) I’d like to introduce you to something that is so special to me that it deserves to be added to a long list of glorious foods.

When Food52 announced new contest I couldn’t resist making this pie. It tells a lot about me, my background, inherited  food making/eating habits and much more. It tells us about our ancient migration from one continent to another and settlment in new environments, sharing their food making skills and mixing them with existing ones. This pie has it’s twin sister around Balkan area and surrounding countries. (The truth is that a Middle Eastern influence  is quite high here). Food travelling with us and its constant development through sharing, hasn’t stopped then. It’s what we are doing right now and enjoying our journey with every step we make. Continue reading

galette with fresh fruit

IMG_9104 copy

It was a very busy week. A week of making and baking and getting ready for the most important event in any child’s life. A Birthday party!

We mostly baked together but at the last minute decided to make a star shaped piñata. It was mostly fun (a glue made of flour and water, dripping all over the house can be excluded from the fun part but it is inevitable if you are planing a project like this one – so consider this just as a friendly warning). A week of planning, inviting and talking on a daily basis about the party, with an almost to be six year old boy (whose concerns are greater than many adults I know), can be exhausting even for a tough parent (I consider myself to be one of those). So in between the layers of cakes, decorations and colours to chose, cupcakes and different icings, scones and cookies I’ve decided to take a break and do something that will take away all the hustle and bustle and heal my tired ears and worried mothers heart and do something good for me. Continue reading

buckwheat chocolate tart


Buckwheat&chocolate tart 2

Baking with buckwheat flour is such a natural thing to do in my baking world. Adding  chocolate to any recipe with buckwheat flour, again, makes perfect sense to me but this time sadly, something went wrong. The most confusing and stressful part was that I couldn’t even say what. It looked like the tart refused to talk to me. No response whatsoever just a silence and deep chocolate darkness. Food is a reflection of our soul, mine is in need of a decadent combination of buckwheat and chocolate and I don’t give up easily. The tart, which was mercilessly falling apart on me, needed to be made again and once the matter was settled I started all over again. One of the obvious problems, which I can see now, is that when I make something constantly and I think  I am in no need of a recipe, mysterious and sometimes unsolvable problems can occur. Once I realised that I really do need to rely on figures,  and not just on my sometimes volatile emotions, I decided to make a firm promise to myself to use pen and paper in the kitchen as much as any other tool !

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