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I’ve being thinking lately about the reality we live every day and the “reality” we wish for. The first inevitable truth that will strike you is that somehow those two doesn’t mach – at least not as often as we would like them to. My own story is no different. A constant juggle off wishes, life demands and routines, an occasional break just to get stronger for a new wave of obligations. But after a dentist visit (that was hard), long school hours and a sentence like “How much do you love me, mum?” I realised that we need a home project, something that will relax us and bring us back together.

Beside the fact that relaxing almost always involves cooking and baking, this is a food blog so here we go!



Prekmurska gibanica, Medjmurska gibanica or pita – yes I know it’s a lot of long and hard words to remember but hey, once you decide to make time to create this beauty, all you have to say in the future would be – remember that pita (pita as in pita bread)! Whoever has had a chance to taste it, would instantly know – we are talking Prekmurska gibanica and that will save you from repeating the hard words.

This particular one is just my twist on a famous Slovenian dessert. The original version is “heavier” on calories and work load but I highly suggest to give it a go and see which one will win your hart. In case you’ve decided to go an extra mile, visit this site for further information.


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Prekmurska gibanica

10 filo pastry sheets

3 medium size green apples

50 gr chopped walnuts

3 lemon rinds

50 gr raw sugar

150 gr poppy seeds

30 gr curants

50 ml milk (or more if needed)

1 teaspoon cinnamon

200 gr ricotta

1 egg


150 ml water

200 gr raw sugar

1 star anise

2 tablespoons oil (I used light olive oil)

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Peel, core and thinly slice apples. Sprinkle with the sugar and cinnamon and leave aside.

In a different bowl mix the poppy seeds with the currants, add the milk and mix until the poppy seeds soak all the milk.

Again, in a different bowl crush the ricotta with a fork, add the lightly whisked egg and stir together.

Spray a 15 cm round baking tin with the oil and lay one layer of filo pastry. Brush with the oil and repeat the process three more times so you have 4 layers of filo sheets to start with.

Add the chopped walnuts to the the apple mix and arrange everything on top of the sheets.

Add another three layers of the filo pastry, brushing every layer with the oil. Arrange the poppy seed mixture on the top.

Cover with 3 layers of filo pastry, brushing every layer with the oil.

Top up with ricotta mixture and add the final three layers of filo pastry.

Cut the cake through before baking.

Bake on 180C for 50 minutes.

While the cake is baking make the syrup. Mix water, sugar, lemon rind and star anise into a small cooking pot. Reduce/cook for 15 minutes or until the liquid becomes thicker.

Once baked, take the cake out of the oven and leave for 5 minutes to set before pouring the syrup which has cooled a bit already. Leave the cake to soak all the syrup before serving.

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