buckwheat tea cookies as the perfect ending to a dinner party

buckwheat tea cookies

buckwheat tea cookies 4

This is as close to perfection as anyone can get – in my modest opinion… to finish such a pompous sentence I’ll add – when it comes to cookies! It’s actually hard to continue writing after this statement. Then again it was hard to do anything after I baked these. I spend some significant time just staring at them. They are some mesmerising cookies!

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battenberg cake

IMG_9364 copy

Autumn is starting to be one of my favourites seasons. The changes in colours, weather and even our moods are very generous in their spectrum. A little bit of everything. Unpredictable both ways, good or bad can surprise us at any time.  It’s the weather – many would say. I would add – it’s Autumn! I see everything in layers and colours.  A bit of green, a little bit of glorious gold and reddish lines and spots everywhere and brown of course – the inevitable colour of soil. If I was born on this side of planet, I would be an Autumn person with all the layers in between. Continue reading

gluten free hidden treasure – almond cake


Awakening – Anthony de Mello, were my first thoughts this morning. I reached for the book on my shelf, read so many times and yet needed to be read one more time. This simple and nourishing book is needed occasionally to awaken me. That would be the simple but honest reason. The other might be a sleepless night, blurred thoughts and the need for (besides a strong coffee) a straight and fast quality in my life.


The interesting part of this story though, is that  just a few shelves away from my brain cell stimulating books, I keep my other nourishing books (or at last some of them, because honestly  they are all around the house, refusing to find one place to stay). I am talking about ones with all the magic ingredients for a sweet life, the ones that give you instant relief amongst all the answers. And the right answer always is – indulge yourself! (because we are a selfish species anyway – a very rough description of much deeper thoughts of the above mentioned wise person). Continue reading

chocolate buckwheat torte

IMG_6713 copy

Today we went to visit our friends who live in the same city but 40km away from us. That can make things difficult, mainly finding the time or the whole day for a trip like this. Then again, the bonus besides seeing the friends is that they live near the beach and one 5 year old boy with rather strong opinions pushed us all in that direction. Well, I guess who would resist 40 km driving over a beautiful day spent in good company, with good food, wine and of course cakes. I promised (firstly to myself) to make buckwheat cookies and another cookie (which is going to be part of one of my next posts since I haven’t taken the photos yet) but at the last-minute I decided to make this cake as well. I have seen it on Jul’s Kitchen blog, I was instantly attracted and I couldn’t stop thinking about it; literally. Something had to be done and I was just looking for an excuse, if one needs an excuse for a cake like this.

IMG_6736 copy

IMG_6727 copy

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Look, there is a biscotti. Let’s buy some. The one with almonds look nice. Or, I could bake some. Wait, have I ever baked a biscotti? Hm, I can’t remember. Could it be possible that I never baked a biscotti? Noo… but I still can’t remember. This is crazy, let’s just bake some biscotti!

biscotti 1

So I did bake them. They turned out wonderfully perfect in their simplicity. Also, I didn’t have the recipe in my recipe book so I had to do research and after some time and quite a few different ones, I decided to go with Delia’s Almond Biscotti recipe. We all know that biscotti stands for twice-baked biscuits but in Italian. The word “biscuit” comes from the word biscotti, but that is the version in English and we know that too. So the only thing that is new here is that in this recipe, plain flour is replaced with wholemeal spelt but I believe that might not be a surprise as well.

When my son tasted the biscotti and he liked them I was pleased because by now we all know that spelt flour is the most liked but when he asked biscotti to be packed into his lunch box – well that is what I call a compliment around this house! Biscotti are staying the way they are!

This is a rather small batch so you might want to double the recipe straight away to not end up mixing it twice on the same day – like I did!

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