corn bread aka proja

proja 7


I really believe in good old dinner time. Ok, maybe lunch time should be included as well especially if you were raised in a country where everyone had to work for 8 hours (rest for 8 hours and sleep for 8 hours) and work ended at 3pm (not any more though, that was in our parents’ time). Our mum would still have time to prepare an early dinner or lunch as we used to call it – A proper meal was important and it had to be there for us –  every day! Continue reading

chive scones with sour cream and lime topping

IMG_0199 copy

To tell you the truth – I wasn’t always a big fan of scones. Mainly because I grew up eating completely different pastries. The scones I know today were introduced to me much later in my life. Also if you looked for a scone recipe many years ago, the only one you could have found were the ones made with self raising flour. I don’t like self raising flour and its metal aftertaste and that was the biggest obstacle to developing my love for scones. So I had to wait to improve my baking skills and open my mind to other possibilities. However, I didn’t have to wait long and now I can’t stop baking them. This is just one of the versions of my savoury scones, lately the most loved ones. Lunch boxes, picnics, between-meals-snacks, breakfast…there are endless reasons for these scones to be baked. Continue reading