irresistible chocolate banana bread



Not a while ago I was a person who would just wrinkle her nose passing by any banana bread. I might have  mentioned this earlier, in this post. I just didn’t like the idea of cooking/baking with bananas at all. Now the first banana bread that made me change my mind was a wonderful banana bread made with almond meal… but I’ll tell you all about it one day in the future as posting two recipes with the same main ingredient in one month is a stretch already.

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vietnamese style banana bread


This is going to be a very short post as there is no history behind this cake and me. It’s all new but exciting and hopefully one day I’ll be telling you how this cake, although discovered just recently, became one of my/our favourites. In one of my new posts – of course. Until then I have to rely on my common sense and baking skills as I heard only a story about it. Continue reading