new year’s resolution and buckwheat waffles


I am definitely not one of those people with a New Year’s resolution thing or at least I don’t call them that. When I am ready, whether it’s the beginning of the year or not, I just go for it. Quite often  the change will be followed by a good or a bad thing, either stress or happiness, as those are the times when we need a change. And it has always worked for me.

This year, for some reason, it was different. Just approaching the New Year felt like I needed to do something for me, or at least call it my New Year’s resolution. The first thing that was inevitable was to have more rest! An unplanned holiday followed and I’ve begun to like this New Year’s resolution thing already. The other inevitable thing was to work more! I know! It’s an oxymoron really, but if you put things in the right order – it actually works! To explain; “to rest more” means to be more efficient at work so you don’t waste your time on things that don’t matter! You see, it’s simple really. Continue reading

vietnamese style banana bread


This is going to be a very short post as there is no history behind this cake and me. It’s all new but exciting and hopefully one day I’ll be telling you how this cake, although discovered just recently, became one of my/our favourites. In one of my new posts – of course. Until then I have to rely on my common sense and baking skills as I heard only a story about it. Continue reading

scrambled eggs with ajvar



Imagine a perfect life that naturally includes a perfect start to a perfect day. What would your first thought be early in the morning? Breakfast? But of course! Mine too. I’ve been thinking about that kind of arrangement a lot lately as you usually do when you are so busy that the morning routine becomes a race against time and stress starts to build from 7 am. Most, if not all of us live a life like that, well at least a few days per week. The days that mum has to work and her mind is way to busy with organising her day that any other effort in the morning is too much for her. Those are the days for strawberry jam on toast, pancakes (if the batter was made the night before) and boiled eggs and soldiers, if the little one pulls the mighty weapon – “Pleeease mum!” Continue reading

kumquat preserve

IMG_0316 copy

I wish I had a green thumb! This sentence will lead you to the conclusion that I don’t and you would be absolutely right! I’ve tried to grow plants on two different continents. I’ve tried different soils, gardens and pots and it just never worked for me. What ever I do, somehow I lose my plants. It’s sad really. I mean, how many of you have tried to feed your plants with nice and organic super good worm poo. One… none? You see I’ve tried even that and it didn’t help! It might be time to quit – if I can only know how to…

So imagine how excited I can become around someone’s successfully grown garden or an orchard – wow that is something!

Continue reading

corn bread aka proja

proja 7


I really believe in good old dinner time. Ok, maybe lunch time should be included as well especially if you were raised in a country where everyone had to work for 8 hours (rest for 8 hours and sleep for 8 hours) and work ended at 3pm (not any more though, that was in our parents’ time). Our mum would still have time to prepare an early dinner or lunch as we used to call it – A proper meal was important and it had to be there for us –  every day! Continue reading

cardamom carrot cake with honey glazed dutch carrots & roasted walnuts



A few years ago my in-laws flew across the world to visit Australia and spend some time with us. The days were filled with deferent activities, including many visits to different parks and other kid friendly places, in order to keep their little grandchild happy. Evenings were more reserved for food and many untold stories, until at one point my mother-in-law showed an interest in watching the TV show called Masterchef. I guess I don’t need to explain Masterchef as it’s amongst one of the most popular in Australia, if not the most popular one. To help my mother-in-law to understand completely what was going on in the show, I watched it too. Until the end of that series. Continue reading

chive scones with sour cream and lime topping

IMG_0199 copy

To tell you the truth – I wasn’t always a big fan of scones. Mainly because I grew up eating completely different pastries. The scones I know today were introduced to me much later in my life. Also if you looked for a scone recipe many years ago, the only one you could have found were the ones made with self raising flour. I don’t like self raising flour and its metal aftertaste and that was the biggest obstacle to developing my love for scones. So I had to wait to improve my baking skills and open my mind to other possibilities. However, I didn’t have to wait long and now I can’t stop baking them. This is just one of the versions of my savoury scones, lately the most loved ones. Lunch boxes, picnics, between-meals-snacks, breakfast…there are endless reasons for these scones to be baked. Continue reading