Buckwheat tart with kale, Duch carrots and chèvre

buckwheat tart 1

buckwheat tart duo

Do you know when to use the terms as “tart”, “quiche” or “pie”. Do you find it confusing? They all represent the same dish just with tiny differences. With “tart” you have to be precise if it is sweet or savoury, because it could be either. “Quiche” is always savoury so you are safe there. “Pie” could also be equally confusing as “tart” so make sure to name it properly. When you add a flan or galette to the list, phew, it is so confusing that you really want to go to the basic and use the name as you need it.

A savoury tart with kale and a few more vegetables and of course a goat’s cheese would be a precise name for this one. I emphasise the goat’s cheese as for me a savoury tart alway goes with it. I am afraid my love for this cheese makes me less creative but I promise that any new ideas will be shared here as soon as they come along. Continue reading

new year’s resolution and buckwheat waffles


I am definitely not one of those people with a New Year’s resolution thing or at least I don’t call them that. When I am ready, whether it’s the beginning of the year or not, I just go for it. Quite often  the change will be followed by a good or a bad thing, either stress or happiness, as those are the times when we need a change. And it has always worked for me.

This year, for some reason, it was different. Just approaching the New Year felt like I needed to do something for me, or at least call it my New Year’s resolution. The first thing that was inevitable was to have more rest! An unplanned holiday followed and I’ve begun to like this New Year’s resolution thing already. The other inevitable thing was to work more! I know! It’s an oxymoron really, but if you put things in the right order – it actually works! To explain; “to rest more” means to be more efficient at work so you don’t waste your time on things that don’t matter! You see, it’s simple really. Continue reading

chocolate buckwheat torte

IMG_6713 copy

Today we went to visit our friends who live in the same city but 40km away from us. That can make things difficult, mainly finding the time or the whole day for a trip like this. Then again, the bonus besides seeing the friends is that they live near the beach and one 5 year old boy with rather strong opinions pushed us all in that direction. Well, I guess who would resist 40 km driving over a beautiful day spent in good company, with good food, wine and of course cakes. I promised (firstly to myself) to make buckwheat cookies and another cookie (which is going to be part of one of my next posts since I haven’t taken the photos yet) but at the last-minute I decided to make this cake as well. I have seen it on Jul’s Kitchen blog, I was instantly attracted and I couldn’t stop thinking about it; literally. Something had to be done and I was just looking for an excuse, if one needs an excuse for a cake like this.

IMG_6736 copy

IMG_6727 copy

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chocolate buckwheat cookies

buckwheat cookies

Buckwheat flour and I have a rather long history. The first thing that would cross my mind and is related to this flour, would have to be pastry sheets made of buckwheat flour and all the beautiful pies made out of them. Cheese and spinach to start with then apple pie, pumpkin pie and any berry pie and I can go on like this forever, obviously. I am quite sure you get the picture but just in case, I’ll tell you one more story: Last year my son and I made a trip across the world to visit the grandparents. We hadn’t seen each other for some time and we were all looking forward to it. Alas, when we arrived to my mum’s house late in the evening, we were all tired and Maksim had a temperature as well but I can still remember how my heart melted when I saw the choice of food my mum had made for us. A buckwheat filo pastry goat cheese and spinach pie. I could not think of anything that would make me happier or anything else that could bring back so many memories. Maksim didn’t eat much that evening or any other actually whereas with me it was quite the opposite.

buckwheat cookies

You could think that this might be the wrong text for this post but so far I haven’t managed to find this filo pastry in this part of the world, so I might never have a chance to make a real post about it. I’ll just enjoy this one, entirely. So I played with buckwheat flour for some time and these beautiful cookies would always come back. In different shapes, different flour combinations beside buckwheat flour of course and always accompanied by chocolate. So finally I had to write down a recipe.

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grey clouds and fresh grape

Buckwheat cake

It was a gloomy day. The sun was hiding behind clouds like it was never going to appear again. Occasionally a few drops of rain would make their way through the greyness. We were all having a lazy day, not willing to leave the house. In my case that almost always means, extra baking. To have nutritious food, to lift the spirit, to make the day more productive, to have fun with my son who is always hungry when it comes to food, fun and knowledge. Many, many good reasons. When you add to that a newly bought baking dish and mix it with buckwheat flour, add a few walnuts and the sweetest grapes ever, you get this delight in the shape of a cake.

Buckwheat cake

The history of this cake is rather boring, or on the other hand, perhaps interesting. Why? Because I have never followed the actual recipe but it was quite often an inspiration for something else that was worth keeping forever. One of my best friends gave me an easy to make Pound cake – her grandmothers recipe – that could go nicely with some melted chocolate or some berries, nuts or poppy seeds. The list is infinite, well it is for me because this simple recipe opened the door to endless possibilities. Why stop just with changing fillings, why not go further.

In this cake, plain flour has been replaced with buckwheat flour (always available in my pantry). It felt like some walnuts couldn’t do any harm, chocolate sprinkles that simply had to be used with buckwheat flour and of course, the grapes. So sweet, so juicy and something that so nicely balanced the whole cake.

Buckwheat cake

This cake is wonderfully gorgeous in its simplicity. Sweet mostly from the grapes. The nutty flavour from the buckwheat flour and walnuts – is always a winning combination for me. I can say with confidence that this cake has many good years ahead in our home, for sure. Continue reading