Lamington cake

Lamingtons 4

Lamingtons 7

My first visit to Australia was a very short one. It happened almost unintentionally as Sydney airport was the last stop on our way to New Zealand. We landed at 5am. The first thing I noticed was the heavy rain outside. Somehow I didn’t expect that! The picture of Australia I imagined had nothing to do with the reality I could see through the windows. Also, I guess after being high in the air for so many hours we expected the same light to meet us on the ground. Certainly not heavy rain! Continue reading

carob cake

carob cake c

carob cake f

Many years ago we moved to New Zealand, looking for new and bright adventures. A new start included everything being new to us. New country to explore, new people to meet, new jobs to start, and new life experiences! Perfect you would say! Except, there was one thing quite old and ruined in this perfect new world of ours, and that was the first house we decided to buy. The house we laid our yes on was neglected and unloved but we were young and enthusiastic back then and thus we thought it should be ours! We thought to fix it and live happily in it for many years to come. Continue reading

gibanica meets pita – Prekmurska gibanica



I’ve being thinking lately about the reality we live every day and the “reality” we wish for. The first inevitable truth that will strike you is that somehow those two doesn’t mach – at least not as often as we would like them to. My own story is no different. A constant juggle off wishes, life demands and routines, an occasional break just to get stronger for a new wave of obligations. But after a dentist visit (that was hard), long school hours and a sentence like “How much do you love me, mum?” I realised that we need a home project, something that will relax us and bring us back together.

Beside the fact that relaxing almost always involves cooking and baking, this is a food blog so here we go! Continue reading

a shortbread soaked into a lovely syrup aka hurmasice


We host  dinner parties at our place – quite often. Actually if I want to be honest that is the most common way of socialising lately (and by lately I mean for the last 5 years). It’s easy to make the decision between hiring a babysitter and leaving the house to see friends or staying home, cooking a wonderful dinner and having lots of fun. Staying home wins most of the time, which is absolutely fine if you are a such a keen cook and you have lots of help of course. My husband is more than happy to take care of supplies and the young one beside being a sous chef is into waitering/serving lately. He would even make a menu to look at – hilarious but also time consuming while dinner is getting cold. I guess at times like those we just have to remember that home entertaining dinner time is all about having fun and that applies to all of us!

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when you are in love… homemade Nutella and diverse Brioche


When you are in love, well you are in love! This sentence made me smile. You can certainly try and distract yourself by doing something else, preferably exciting like – baking, cooking, reading, singing, sewing, knitting, paragliding or dieting but at the end there is one thing you cannot stop doing and that is – thinking about the object of your love. So, I’ve been trying to ignore this object of my love for quite some time now. What is the reason for such a drastic measure, you might ask? Well, you see I actually don’t like Nutella – there I said it. Continue reading

vietnamese style banana bread


This is going to be a very short post as there is no history behind this cake and me. It’s all new but exciting and hopefully one day I’ll be telling you how this cake, although discovered just recently, became one of my/our favourites. In one of my new posts – of course. Until then I have to rely on my common sense and baking skills as I heard only a story about it. Continue reading