Elizabeth David’s flourless chocolate cake – an idea for Father’s day surprise

EDchocolate cake1

EDchocolate cake slice

We are a family of three and on a daily base the emotions easily become  intense, good or bad, as there is no one else to turn to – but us. The rest of the family lives around the world, so other than the yearly visits to see some of them and lots of Skype time, we rely on our little family of three. Or at least that is how I saw it. Our son needed some time to understand that mum and dad were there to share their time, love and wisdom with him – evenly. For him it was simply natural to be around mum, and sometimes his father had to work hard to get his attention. Although it required much patience to manage the feelings, I new that it was just a matter of time when my leaving the house wouldn’t bring tears and a simple “bye mum” would replace them. That has been the case for some time now and as much as I enjoy the emotional growth I do miss the obligatory hugs and kisses I used to receive. On the other hand, that gives me a better understanding of being “the other parent”. Now I admire the father’s patience and wisdom even more. He was always there when needed, and patiently waited for the child to realise that he could share some moments with his father only and by doing so make them even more precious. Continue reading

the crafty cake

Dark chocolate cake with white frosting

I know a mother who treated her 21 year old son to a ticket around the world as supposed to a big Birthday party. Isn’t that wonderful. An opportunity to learn about the world before you choose to build you own – who could wish for a better present. But then again, she wanted to give him a cake as well and guess what! I got to make it. I liked that too.

Dark chocolate cake with white frosting

I made a cake thinking of her mostly, especially of one of the lines she loves to use when it comes to the cakes I make. “Your cakes are insane “, she likes to say and then adds – in a good way. As I looked at this cake I thought – she might have a point.

As she is such an inspiring and lovely person and she is working with kids, this cake had to be creative, crafty and beautiful. Well, that is how I saw it. 

Dark chocolate cake with white frosting

At the risk of sounding odd, I felt sad when the cake left home. After all we did share some good times together.  Continue reading