Pumpkin cake – an idea for Thanksgiving

pumkin cake

pumkin cake1

Are we the luckiest creatures on the planet? Us, humans? Mum?

I didn’t see it coming. How could I? Just a few minutes earlier his greatest concern was the flavour of the cough sirup. Although the pharmacist claimed that there is no alcohol in it I still blame the cough sirup! After I consoled myself, I asked a question back – which is the mighty weapon when you need one. “Why do you think we humans, could be the luckiest ones?”

“Because if we need water we just turn the tap on and if we need any food we go to the market. It’s not the same for animals, they have to find water and hunt for food…So, do you think we are the luckiest creatures on the planet? Mum?” Continue reading

november’s roast pumpkin tart with goat’s cheese and sage


The last few weeks have been busy with so many different projects that I don’t know how I managed to put the basic food on our table every day. In a time like this, when a person doesn’t have time to think about what to make not to mention to make a shopping list and plan in advance, I just reach for the ingredients lying around the pantry, in the refrigerator or on any shelf in the kitchen. Which are, I am sure highly used tactics by any cook in many households. I know for sure that many good dishes were created this way!

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spelt bread & goat cheese

IMG_9842 copy

This is what I’ve been doing lately. Almost every day, because  of  “This is the best bread ever mum”! And because the little one is so right. It’s good, no doubt about that but when I think about  the best part of this story it has to be the simplicity of making and baking this bread.

But this is not a short story. There is a history behind bread making in my life. I had a thing for bread a while ago. I mean a real thing. Since I was the main baker in the house, I decided that we deserve the best that some flour, water and a bit of a leaven can produce. We are not going to buy bread as I will make it. How hard could that be? Well I can tell you that wasn’t really an easy journey, because the first steps in baking such a delicate thing were quite clumsy. But thanks to the big smile on my husband’s face, every time he tasted the bread I baked (and I could not love him more for that, because only the strongest in their hearts (and teeth) could have survived those beginnings), here we are  just about to talk about the ultimate success of home baked bread!

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