honey and yoghurt pannacotta with rhubarb and strawberry jam

panna cotta6

If I wait long enough, pannacotta will slide slowly from the metal mould! I know that now but you should have seen me this morning doing my best to keep my cool. After applying all the tricks I know and finally deciding that we will eat this pannacotta straight from the mould – the miracle happened. The truth is, I had to wait a bit longer, 5 minutes is just not enough and once you have this dessert out of the mould, everything changes. All the troubles can be easily forgotten. This dessert shines at you, saying –  I love this shape, make one more! Which I will but you can save yourself trouble and use glass, silicon or ceramic moulds, as it is much easier that way.

panna cotta1

panna cotta4

If  I have to describe pannacotta in one sentence, I will say that it is one of the most simply divine Italian desserts and much appreciated around the world. Normally I would make it in individual portions, using ramekins but this time I wanted to make it more festive and decided to go with this larger mould. You have to forgive me, after a month of sleepless nights, high temperatures and a serious dosage of medications I was in need of something glorious. This particular pannacotta is made with yoghurt and honey, so again another not such a heavy or sweet dessert and I decided to serve it with rhubarb and strawberry jam which, with its sour and fresh flavour, matches perfectly. I hope the Italian chefs will forgive me for not using egg whites or baking it in a bain-marie in a low oven, because this time the whole process has been done on the stove, simmering the cream. It is still a divine dessert!
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spelt flour roulade

White spelt roulada

White spelt roulada

We’ve just moved to a new apartment. The hustle of packing and unpacking lasted for a few days or maybe a week, although at one point  seemed like it was never going to end, it did. Now we are surrounded again with our furniture, books, paintings and most importantly – toys. Ok maybe there is a random unpacked box that may remain unpacked for the next move, but hey, no one is perfect, even the ones who have a history of moving around the World every few years.

On the scale of stress moving stands quite high and knowing that I try to find some beauty in it as well. Well maybe not particularly in the packing and unpacking part but for example, arranging well known pieces of our household into a completely new space is the part that I fully enjoy. That kept me awake until very late the other night, unpacking paintings and finding the perfect spot for each and every  one, incorporating our own history onto our new blank walls. I decided a while ago that home is where we are, but parts of our houshold that fly across the world a few times with us and have their own story to tell and bring memories every time I look at them – help a lot as well.

White spelt roulada

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