november’s roast pumpkin tart with goat’s cheese and sage


The last few weeks have been busy with so many different projects that I don’t know how I managed to put the basic food on our table every day. In a time like this, when a person doesn’t have time to think about what to make not to mention to make a shopping list and plan in advance, I just reach for the ingredients lying around the pantry, in the refrigerator or on any shelf in the kitchen. Which are, I am sure highly used tactics by any cook in many households. I know for sure that many good dishes were created this way!

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honey glazed rye flour crepes with bee pollen and calendula

rye crepe5

rye crepeduo

I am going to have to admit it – rye flour is one of my favourites, if not the most loved one. Could be because it was the first I remember starting to play with, as a different one to plain flour. My love for different flours has developed over time but rye flour will always be a special one to me. Continue reading