chive scones with sour cream and lime topping

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To tell you the truth – I wasn’t always a big fan of scones. Mainly because I grew up eating completely different pastries. The scones I know today were introduced to me much later in my life. Also if you looked for a scone recipe many years ago, the only one you could have found were the ones made with self raising flour. I don’t like self raising flour and its metal aftertaste and that was the biggest obstacle to developing my love for scones. So I had to wait to improve my baking skills and open my mind to other possibilities. However, I didn’t have to wait long and now I can’t stop baking them. This is just one of the versions of my savoury scones, lately the most loved ones. Lunch boxes, picnics, between-meals-snacks, breakfast…there are endless reasons for these scones to be baked. Continue reading

spelt and raspberry scones

spelt scones 1

There have been endless days of illness around here. It seems to be almost inevitable when the seasons are changing, so I have to admit that as much as I love the idea of warm weather coming up, I don’t like the difficulties my body has to go through in order to adjust to a change. To make things even more difficult we were all ill at the same time, one more than another, but still – difficult. I was the last one to fail without noticing myself – I had to be “sent home” from the job I was working on, because no one wants to be around ill people and I was definitely one of those!

So, what is it that you do when you are not feeling well? Wrap yourself in a favourite blanket (still a bit cold around here), make your favourite tea (mix of peppermint and chamomile tea with a large spoon of honey, same quantity of bee pollen and a generous squeeze of lemon juice) … but something is still missing? Of course it is! How about some comfort food? So, I had to unwrap myself from my blanket, instead to wrap around an apron, and without thinking for a second, I baked these scones. They have been on the menu for some time now and we have them mostly for breakfast or a snack during the day. But that is just not enough, not after an obvious need for them in such an emotional and susceptible situation, so officially from today I will call them – super comfort food for this family. If I can’t make my body feel better – instantly, I can work on my spirit and anyone would feel better in such good company! It took me two days to recover, so what can I thank for this? A good tea mix or healthy spelt flour scones?

spelt scones 3

spelt scones 3

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