irresistible chocolate banana bread



Not a while ago I was a person who would just wrinkle her nose passing by any banana bread. I might have  mentioned this earlier, in this post. I just didn’t like the idea of cooking/baking with bananas at all. Now the first banana bread that made me change my mind was a wonderful banana bread made with almond meal… but I’ll tell you all about it one day in the future as posting two recipes with the same main ingredient in one month is a stretch already.

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cardamom carrot cake with honey glazed dutch carrots & roasted walnuts



A few years ago my in-laws flew across the world to visit Australia and spend some time with us. The days were filled with deferent activities, including many visits to different parks and other kid friendly places, in order to keep their little grandchild happy. Evenings were more reserved for food and many untold stories, until at one point my mother-in-law showed an interest in watching the TV show called Masterchef. I guess I don’t need to explain Masterchef as it’s amongst one of the most popular in Australia, if not the most popular one. To help my mother-in-law to understand completely what was going on in the show, I watched it too. Until the end of that series. Continue reading

chive scones with sour cream and lime topping

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To tell you the truth – I wasn’t always a big fan of scones. Mainly because I grew up eating completely different pastries. The scones I know today were introduced to me much later in my life. Also if you looked for a scone recipe many years ago, the only one you could have found were the ones made with self raising flour. I don’t like self raising flour and its metal aftertaste and that was the biggest obstacle to developing my love for scones. So I had to wait to improve my baking skills and open my mind to other possibilities. However, I didn’t have to wait long and now I can’t stop baking them. This is just one of the versions of my savoury scones, lately the most loved ones. Lunch boxes, picnics, between-meals-snacks, breakfast…there are endless reasons for these scones to be baked. Continue reading

cherry bundt cake

IMG_9629-copy copy

Does simplicity strike you as something that can be so beautiful and irresistible that you simply have to have it or make it? I struggle with temptations like this all the time. I suppose that I don’t have to point out that cakes have a leading role in this weakness of mine. I call it a weakness because it can occur even when I am not ready for it, or have no time. I remember a whole dinner could suffer for that matter and had to be made in a very short time. That means that we might have a simple pasta meal for dinner today. This cake took advantage of me and my time but lets be honest – who can resist it. Continue reading

spelt bread & goat cheese

IMG_9842 copy

This is what I’ve been doing lately. Almost every day, because  of  “This is the best bread ever mum”! And because the little one is so right. It’s good, no doubt about that but when I think about  the best part of this story it has to be the simplicity of making and baking this bread.

But this is not a short story. There is a history behind bread making in my life. I had a thing for bread a while ago. I mean a real thing. Since I was the main baker in the house, I decided that we deserve the best that some flour, water and a bit of a leaven can produce. We are not going to buy bread as I will make it. How hard could that be? Well I can tell you that wasn’t really an easy journey, because the first steps in baking such a delicate thing were quite clumsy. But thanks to the big smile on my husband’s face, every time he tasted the bread I baked (and I could not love him more for that, because only the strongest in their hearts (and teeth) could have survived those beginnings), here we are  just about to talk about the ultimate success of home baked bread!

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spelt chocolate chip cookies

spelt chocolate chip cookies

We met a while ago, chocolate chip cookies and me, at one of our family gatherings on the Mediterranean seaside at my sister’s holiday house. The days were relaxing as they can be on holidays and we were busy only at dinner time. The adults used to make the dinner and the kids were in charge of the desserts. Although we were quite often treated with the ice cream from the gelateria just meters away from the house, a very special treat was – chocolate chip cookies! My nieces use to bake them for all of us, but I remember them disappearing quickly, without us having a chance to taste them. Turns out that my nephew was the main culprit. They were his favourite then and from what I hear, they still are. Actually, kids sharing the sweets between them was a good thing, especially with these kinds of treats! After all they are more a kids treat anyway.

Now, having a child of my own has changed some cooking habits for me. I get to bake and adjust my cooking for one little boy, which gives me nothing but pleasure although sometimes I just have to be very creative with the ingredients. For example: when my son, who hardly ever eats anything sweet, asked for the chocolate chip cookies (turns out they baked them in his childcare and he wanted to do the same thing  at home) I had to think of a way of baking them while keeping the same cooking style. At this stage I doubted he would be interested in them at all! He loves helping it the kitchen but as I said before, not so interested in enjoying the final product. This time I was wrong! These chocolate chip cookies are the ultimate winner lately in our home and I can just add – equally loved between all the household members!

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