chocolate buckwheat torte

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Today we went to visit our friends who live in the same city but 40km away from us. That can make things difficult, mainly finding the time or the whole day for a trip like this. Then again, the bonus besides seeing the friends is that they live near the beach and one 5 year old boy with rather strong opinions pushed us all in that direction. Well, I guess who would resist 40 km driving over a beautiful day spent in good company, with good food, wine and of course cakes. I promised (firstly to myself) to make buckwheat cookies and another cookie (which is going to be part of one of my next posts since I haven’t taken the photos yet) but at the last-minute I decided to make this cake as well. I have seen it on Jul’s Kitchen blog, I was instantly attracted and I couldn’t stop thinking about it; literally. Something had to be done and I was just looking for an excuse, if one needs an excuse for a cake like this.

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egyptian torte

egyptian torte

Special occasions call for a special cake. This is that kind of cake.

I baked it first time at my parents house for the family gathering and all I can say is that was very well excepted and gone so fast that I didn’t have a chance to taste it. Naturally I had to make it again and then again and again…to shorten the long story since then it’s in my recipe book and just occasionally will go through a makeover but with the same ingredients, would not dare to change anything there.

egyptian cake

The only problem that we have with this cake is that tastes even better after day or two sitting in the fridge. At the same time this is one of the cakes that will make you sneak out during the night and stole a peace from the fridge, hoping no one will notice. See the problem?

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little buckwheat torte

little treats

What do you do when a friend is coming for a visit? And it’s sudden! Well, first you take out from the freezer a test bake of dairy free and gluten free cake  (I’ve replaced plain flour with rice flour and I’ve used almond milk). Then you take out leftover vanilla buttercream from the fridge to give it a chance to soften. It’ll go great with the cake except it wont be dairy free any more. In this case that is not an issue so I was happy to add this lovely filling I was saving for, it turns out, this cake. Then last but definitely not  least, heat up the chocolate that you made for glazing the chocolate cake, just the previous day.

little treats

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sacher torte

Sacher torte

My husband is a very happy person when it comes to me cooking for us. It is just when he likes something to be made again we have to go through the following discussion repeatedly: “Could I write down the recipe and do the same dish or cake again, please?” My answer is always positive, but in reality it is likely to be the first time that I am actually working on it. Recipes are in my head all the time, writing them down, sometimes is a struggle. There are so many options out there in the cake world and often I start working on one and finish with something different. And finally have you tried going to the market and buying ingredients just for the chosen recipe. Never worked for me. The kitchen full of different ingredients is real inspiration. It is so much more fun cooking the way I feel that day, than following the old recipe.

Sacher torte

On the other hand, some recipes that have found their way to my recipe book have simply been wrongly named. At this point, I have to go back, hmm more than a few years. As much as my mum had an effect on my cooking skills and my food education, I can easily say that my best friend’s mother had a huge effect on my pastry skills. She had this profound taste in food – cakes particularly – and I can only say that I was lucky enough to be around to enjoy and learn. This is the recipe adopted from her recipe book and for years was simply called chocolate slices. Not a charming name for a cake. It was baked in a square baking dish so as you can imagine, appearance wasn’t a strong side of this treat. At that stage I had no idea what was hiding behind it.

Sacher torte

When I recognized the famous Sacher Torte behind this square chocolate cake the whole world of chocolate cakes changed for me, as much as it will for you, once you try this one. Now, I am not saying that this is the ultimate and only Sacher Torte invented by young Franc Sacher. The secret recipe dated from 1832, will stay a secret forever I guess. The original cake or rather the version Franc Sacher’s son, Eduard, who was the one who perfected his father’s recipe, can be bought in one of the most glamorous hotels in the World, hotel Sacher in Vienna. Continue reading