grey clouds and fresh grape

Buckwheat cake

It was a gloomy day. The sun was hiding behind clouds like it was never going to appear again. Occasionally a few drops of rain would make their way through the greyness. We were all having a lazy day, not willing to leave the house. In my case that almost always means, extra baking. To have nutritious food, to lift the spirit, to make the day more productive, to have fun with my son who is always hungry when it comes to food, fun and knowledge. Many, many good reasons. When you add to that a newly bought baking dish and mix it with buckwheat flour, add a few walnuts and the sweetest grapes ever, you get this delight in the shape of a cake.

Buckwheat cake

The history of this cake is rather boring, or on the other hand, perhaps interesting. Why? Because I have never followed the actual recipe but it was quite often an inspiration for something else that was worth keeping forever. One of my best friends gave me an easy to make Pound cake – her grandmothers recipe – that could go nicely with some melted chocolate or some berries, nuts or poppy seeds. The list is infinite, well it is for me because this simple recipe opened the door to endless possibilities. Why stop just with changing fillings, why not go further.

In this cake, plain flour has been replaced with buckwheat flour (always available in my pantry). It felt like some walnuts couldn’t do any harm, chocolate sprinkles that simply had to be used with buckwheat flour and of course, the grapes. So sweet, so juicy and something that so nicely balanced the whole cake.

Buckwheat cake

This cake is wonderfully gorgeous in its simplicity. Sweet mostly from the grapes. The nutty flavour from the buckwheat flour and walnuts – is always a winning combination for me. I can say with confidence that this cake has many good years ahead in our home, for sure.

Red roses tartlets

Buckwheat and grape cake

100 gr buckwheat flour

30 gr plain flour

115 gr raw sugar

2 eggs

100 ml milk

100 ml vegetable oil

pinch of sea salt

1 teaspoon aluminium free baking powder

100 gr chocolate sprinkles or chopped dark chocolate

200 gr grapes or fruit of choice (I used the small green sultanas grapes)

Heat the oven to 175C. Grease the 8 inch baking dish.

Wash the fruit and leave to dry on tea towel.

In a medium size bowl mix both flours with baking powder and pinch of salt. Leave aside. 

In the other bowl mix eggs and sugar with hand mixer for 4-5 minutes. The mixture will change colour completely to a pale yellow; that would be the time to stop mixing because you have reached the fluffiness you wanted.

Add milk and vegetable oil, stirring constantly. Add flour mix and stir gently. And last but not least, mix in chocolate bits.

Your mixture is ready to be poured into a baking dish and topped with fruit.

Bake for 40 min or until done.

Dust with powdered sugar.

It is that simple!

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