little buckwheat torte

little treats

What do you do when a friend is coming for a visit? And it’s sudden! Well, first you take out from the freezer a test bake of dairy free and gluten free cake  (I’ve replaced plain flour with rice flour and I’ve used almond milk). Then you take out leftover vanilla buttercream from the fridge to give it a chance to soften. It’ll go great with the cake except it wont be dairy free any more. In this case that is not an issue so I was happy to add this lovely filling I was saving for, it turns out, this cake. Then last but definitely not  least, heat up the chocolate that you made for glazing the chocolate cake, just the previous day.

little treats

And then you assemble these.

Little torte

This post is more about being creative and inventive in your kitchen, than anything else. Use any base you like for this little treat or just follow the recipe from one of my previous posts (as stated above). And don’t forget to enjoy! That is the only recipe I could give you for this post.

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