Chocolate buckwheat cookies

Buckwheat flour and I have a rather long history. The first thing that would cross my mind and is related to this flour, would have to be pastry sheets made of buckwheat flour and all the beautiful pies made out of them. Cheese and spinach to start with then apple pie, pumpkin pie and any berry pie and I can go on like this forever, obviously. I am quite sure you get the picture but just in case, I’ll tell you one more story: Last year my son and I made a trip across the world to visit the grandparents. We hadn’t seen each other for some time and we were all looking forward to it. Alas, when we arrived to my mum’s house late in the evening, we were all tired and Maksim had a temperature as well but I can still remember how my heart melted when I saw the choice of food my mum had made for us. A buckwheat filo pastry goat cheese and spinach pie. I could not think of anything that would make me happier or anything else that could bring back so many memories. Maksim didn’t eat much that evening or any other actually whereas with me it was quite the opposite.

You could think that this might be the wrong text for this post but so far I haven’t managed to find this filo pastry in this part of the world, so I might never have a chance to make a real post about it. I’ll just enjoy this one, entirely. So I played with buckwheat flour for some time and these beautiful cookies would always come back. In different shapes, different flour combinations beside buckwheat flour of course and always accompanied by chocolate. So finally I had to write down a recipe.

Chocolate buckwheat cookies

100gr unsalted butter, room temperature

160 gr buckwheat  flour

80gr plain flour

1 egg

60 gr dark chocolate, chopped

3-4 tsp cold water

1 scraped vanilla pod

A pinch of salt

1 whisked egg white, for glazing

1 tablespoon raw sugar for sprinkling

For the filling:

150gr dark melted chocolate

Preheat oven to 160C and line baking tray with baking paper.

Cut butter into a 1 cm cubes. Mix buckwheat flour and plain flour in a mixing bowl and add butter. Work on this combination with your fingers until you get a nice but still a bit lumpy, dough. Add 4 tsp of cold water, scraped vanilla pod, one egg and at the end chocolate bits. Continue to work on the dough until it becomes smooth. Don’t overwork it because any excess heat will melt the chocolate and you don’t want that to happen. Once you get smooth dough, wrap it in glad wrap and leave it in the fridge for 30 min just to make it easier to work with.

I have rolled my dough in between two sheets of baking paper to 2-3 mm and decided to use a 6cm round shape cutter. I simply love that shape.

Bake every batch and you should get two, for 12-14 min. Leave them on the baking sheet to cool down then transfer to a cooling rack. Once they cool down “glue” them with chocolate and that is all you need to do to get these beautiful cookies.

Have you noticed by know that there is no sugar in this recipe. It is not a typing mistake I promise, you just simply don’t need sugar with all this chocolate unless you want to sprinkle some on the top just for the sake of good photos. But before you do that, it’s good to glaze them with egg white, so you’ll get nice and shiny cookies as well.

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