Buckwheat chocolate tart

Baking with buckwheat flour is such a natural thing to do in my baking world. Adding  chocolate to any recipe with buckwheat flour, again, makes perfect sense to me but this time sadly, something went wrong. The most confusing and stressful part was that I couldn’t even say what. It looked like the tart refused to talk to me. No response whatsoever just a silence and deep chocolate darkness. Food is a reflection of our soul, mine is in need of a decadent combination of buckwheat and chocolate and I don’t give up easily. The tart, which was mercilessly falling apart on me, needed to be made again and once the matter was settled I started all over again. One of the obvious problems, which I can see now, is that when I make something constantly and I think  I am in no need of a recipe, mysterious and sometimes unsolvable problems can occur. Once I realised that I really do need to rely on figures,  and not just on my sometimes volatile emotions, I decided to make a firm promise to myself to use pen and paper in the kitchen as much as any other tool !

Actually I think I might be a bit nostalgic because this tart feels like a good bye to one home and soon to say hello to another. It’s Autumn in Europe, the season of yellow, brown and gold colours. No wonder buckwheat is on my mind. The nutritious flour with a taste that is enough on it’s own but of course can be enriched with many other ingredients. This sweet tart will bring your family together and make you feel warm and festive. With a cup of coffee or tea could make a wonderful afternoon tea and at this very moment I am thinking – girls only gathering. Friends I didn’t see for a whole year who can’t wait to share all our stories that had to wait until we see each other. Truly looking forward to those days of joy, laughter and of course cakes! Lets start with this one to celebrate friendships!

“I would far rather have two or three lilies of the valley gathered for me by a person I like, than the most expensive bouquet that could be bought!” – Elizabeth Gaskell

Buckwheat chocolate tart

150 gr buckwheat flour

100 gr plain flour

50 gr rice flour

100 gr butter

50 gr roasted hazelnuts

50 gr roasted almonds

100 gr raw sugar

4 tablespoons cold milk plus extra if needed

2 eggs

1 teaspoon vanilla paste

250 gr apricot jam

for ganache:

350 gr good quality dark chocolate

300 ml full cream

This tart is made in an 11″ tart pan, which is rather large. If you want to make a smaller one, the measurements need to be adjusted accordingly.

The easiest way to make the dough would be to use a food processor, which is what I did but it can be mixed by hand or in a stand mixer. I used roasted nuts, for the extra flavour and that would be the first thing that needs to be done and the very good thing is that it can be done days in advance. Grind nuts in a processor until fine. Add flours, sugar, butter, eggs and 4 tablespoons of milk and vanilla paste. Pulse until everything is combined. Take dough out and roll to a round shape 32 cm in diameter. Transfer into a tart pan, press into a tart pan shape and leave in fridge over night or in a freezer up to a month, before baking. Bake on 150C for 15 minutes. Can be kept in the fridge for 5 days once baked as well.

Chocolate ganache is one of the gorgeous things that are so easy to make but they look so luxurious. Plus it is chocolate we are talking about here and that is always a luxury to enjoy. Boil full cream, remove from the stove and add chocolate. Mix with wooden spatula until chocolate is dissolved. Leave at room temperature to cool before using. To finish the tart, spread apricot jam and top up with chocolate ganache. That is all, really. Enjoy!

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