Yeast rolls aka kiflice

I felt almost guilty for having a fabulous day, doing everything I wanted and all in the  company of 5 year old. We bought a brooch that I had wanted to buy for some time (M got to choose which one from the choice of few though), I had a coffee in one of the cafes I wanted to visit and by the end of the day I got to bake one of my favourite sweets. Luckily Maksim loves buying new things, he is becoming a fan of  hot chocolate and baking is one of his favourite things to do (not a surprise really) actually we bake together so often that I should have called this space – baking with my son, that would be so true. So maybe I should feel less guilty?! Because after all I made sure we filled a few rolls with chocolate – just to be on the safe side because although sesame seeds are one of his favourite, I doubted tahini filling would make Maksim’s day as much as it made mine.

Kiflice (diminutive from Kifle), savory or sweet are on our home menu quite often, maybe even too often, but we just love them. Originally from Austria but well known in the whole of Europe and I am sure every house has it’s own recipe inherited through generations. It is one of those treats that every grandmother in the Balkan regions will bake just to make the home warmer  or more welcoming to family and neighbours . On a rainy day like the one today, when we run around early in the morning to finish our errands just to have enough time during the day to enjoy the slow process of baking – I bake these.

I made a half quantity today, because the whole one is too generous unless you have people coming over or are planning a picnic with friends for example. This batch will provide 16 rolls and I made a fair share for all of us, filling them with three different fillings. Chocolate for the youngest one, tahini and honey mostly for myself and mandarine and orange marmalade for my husband. Of course I got to taste all of them and because of that no sweets for me in the next, hmm, day or two I guess!

Kiflice – rolls

550 gr plain flour

1 teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon sugar

2 full teaspoons dry yeast

2 eggs

1 egg white lightly beaten

250 ml milk (I used soy)

75 ml olive oil

jam, chocolate or your choice for filling

In a large bowl add flour, sugar, salt and yeast. In a different bowl or jug, whisk warm milk with eggs, just to combine them. Mix flour mixture thoroughly with a wooden spoon, make a well in the middle and pour in warm milk with eggs and oil. Mix again with a spoon and knead for a few minutes or until you get nice and smooth dough. (Add flour if you need – meaning the dough shouldn’t be sticky). Leave in the bowl, covered with a cotton cloth, for an hour to rise.

Once the dough is ready, roll into a round shape (25-30 cm in diameter), 0.5 cm thick. I start with a cross in the middle and then just cut around until I get pieces the size I like. You should have 16 rather long triangles, which are great for rolling into rolls. Top everyone with topping of your choice, (marmalade is the most common one) on the wider end. That is the starting point for rolling as well, so you end up with a pointy part on the top of the roll. Arrange rolls on the baking tray, making sure there is enough room in between every roll and leave for another 20 minutes to rise. Brush with lightly beaten egg white, sprinkle with sugar and bake on 180C, with fan on, for 15-17 min.

The biggest challenge is not to eat them straight from the oven. Then again, why not?

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