Polenta pound cake with strawberry jam glazing

Sometimes the words are not enough, you just have to bake a cake! Nonetheless, I would like to add a word or two – as I always do. This year has been amazing for me. There are a few reasons, but the one I am particularly proud of is this space and me being brave (and persistent) enough to make the start. I should really stop here and save a word or two for my end of a first year in blogging post, as I plan to achieve that, but the end of the year makes me reflecting on a few things. Plus, besides celebrating the end of the year and start of the new one, I get to celebrate my birthday as well, so one calendar year means literally one personal year to me.

Yes, I am almost a Christmas baby – you can guess how many times I’ve heard that one before. I’ll just add regarding the timing, the only stressful part for me (when I was little) was getting enough presents for all the occasions – which I did, so no harm done. Nowadays I am happy to go out for a dinner with my husband or host a dinner party at our place, that is all – oh and maybe a small and thoughtful present.

Of course, there is always a cake. I’ve mentioned earlier that since I remembered we had a chocolate cake, Sacher, in particular, for all our birthday parties. This time, I’ve decided that it has been a precedent long enough and it is time for a change. Luckily I am the main baker in the house so voilà this time on the menu is – polenta pound cake.

Polenta pound cake 

150 gr maize flour

30 gr polenta

60 gr rice flour

60 gr semolina

1 teaspoon aluminium free baking powder

150 ml milk (add juice of half lemon before pour into a mixture)

120 ml olive oil

3 eggs

180 gr raw sugar

1 lemon zest


100 gr strawberry jam

250 gr powdered sugar

juice of half lemon

Heat oven to 180C.

In a medium size bowl pulse eggs with sugar until pale. Add milk, olive oil, lemon zest and pulse again. Add flours and baking powder and mix until loose all lumps. Pour into a greased 6″ round tin  and bake for 40 minutes or until cake sticker comes out dry.

Cool onto a cooling rack until completely cool, then spread strawberry jam on the top (if jam is too thick add a drop of water to make it thinner).

Mix powdered sugar with a few drops of lemon juice until reach desired thickness and ice the cake.

Happy holidays everyone!

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