Honey glazed rye flour crepes with bee pollen and calendula

I am going to have to admit it – rye flour is one of my favourites, if not the most loved one. Could be because it was the first I remember starting to play with, as a different one to plain flour. My love for different flours has developed over time but rye flour will always be a special one to me.

Unconsciously or on purpose we tend to convey our love for food to our children. The little one wants to be a chef, of course, what else with his mother spending all her time around the house – baking. He likes to build, draw, write a lot, so, who knows over the time he might change his course. At the moment he is helping his mama in the kitchen and that way develops sense of the different tastes which is all that matters for now.

When I thought he was ready to embrace the world of crepes, the first one I made, without even thinking or doing it on purpose, were the ones with rye flour. Of course we want our children to eat healthily as often as they can but we also know that food can not be imposed on to our children. They like a new food or they don’t and you cannot do much about it. In this case the healthy food has won and rye crepes stayed with us. I am so happy as those are my favourite ones and the whole family gets to enjoy them quite often for breakfast.

Simple as they are to make I actually never made a recipe – until now. I would normally decide on amount of the eggs and that would dictate the amount of flour and milk – and there you go you have the list of all the ingredients already! That is actually a recipe as well. How simple is that!

My favourite ones  are those on the pictures – the golden ones I like to call them. The little one likes them mostly with maple syrup but easily will add goat cheese and strawberries (don’t forget we are still developing the taste and we agree to any combinations – although this one is pretty good) and the husband goes with everything that’s on the menu for that day.

Rye crepe

3 eggs

500 ml milk

150 gr rye flour

50 gr plain flour

1 teaspoon sea salt



3 tablespoons honey

100 ml orange juice

To serve:

1 teaspoon bee pollen

1 calendula leaf

Mix eggs in a deep bowl just until you break the yolks. Add the milk and stir everything. In a separate bowl combine the flours with the salt. Add the dry ingredients to the wet ingredients and whisk fast until you break all lumps.

Leave to set at least half an hour before use. I like to make the batter the day before I tend to use it and just leave it overnight in the fridge. It’s even better that way, definitely easier to have it ready first thing in the morning when the family is lining up for the crepes for breakfast.

Grease a skillet with ghee, coconut oil, vegetable oil or light olive oil and cook them for a minute or less on one side. Turn with a spatula to cook the other side for another half a minute. They are ready once you get  a golden colour.

For the glaze – cook the orange juice on a low heat until it’s 30 % reduced. Add honey to melt and remove from the stove. Glaze crepes with syrup, sprinkle bee pollen granules and calendula petals and – enjoy!

The best part is that you don’t have to use them all at once. You can store them in the fridge (before you top them up with any filling), warm them on the skillet the next day and they still taste fantastic – some would say, even better!

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