Scrambled eggs with ajvar

Imagine a perfect life that naturally includes a perfect start to a perfect day. What would your first thought be early in the morning? Breakfast? But of course! Mine too. I’ve been thinking about that kind of arrangement a lot lately as you usually do when you are so busy that the morning routine becomes a race against time and stress starts to build from 7 am. Most, if not all of us live a life like that, well at least a few days per week. The days that mum has to work and her mind is way to busy with organising her day that any other effort in the morning is too much for her. Those are the days for strawberry jam on toast, pancakes (if the batter was made the night before) and boiled eggs and soldiers, if the little one pulls the mighty weapon – “Pleeease mum!”

I don’t like days like that. Stress and fast breakfast doesn’t do any of us any good. You leave your house with a busy head and a full tummy, which doesn’t actually communicate with your brain and somehow those good ingredients slow you down and start to build around your waist…….. have I said enough?

I like having all the time in the world just for breakfast. I like baking for breakfast and waiting for the dish to cool down and having time for freshly squeezed juice and a chat either through Skype (inevitability if you live continents away from your family) or in real life as the little one defines reality and the present. Imagine days like those, a perfect start to a perfect day. The breakfast that will last until lunch.

On days like those I think of this dish – A perfect start to a day or if this is too much for you in the morning and you prefer fruit for breakfast and a decent lunch, this is the solution for you.

Scrambled Eggs with Ajvar

2 eggs

2 tablespoons ajvar

1 tablespoon olive oil

pinch of sea salt

crumbled goat cheese for serving

lemon zest

pinch of thyme

2 slices wholemeal bread, toasted

Add two very full spoons of ajar in a heated pan with olive oil. Stir-fry for two minutes, just to start the process of heating/frying.

In a separate bowl mix eggs with salt. Add eggs into a frying pan with ajar and stir quickly to avoid burning and reduce the heat if needed. Once eggs are done, your perfect breakfast or brunch is ready to be served. I love serving it on the toasted bread with crumbled goat cheese on the top and lemon zest and thyme just to enrich the taste.

The recipe for Ajvar can be found here.

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