Chive scones with sour cream and lime topping

To tell you the truth – I wasn’t always a big fan of scones. Mainly because I grew up eating completely different pastries. The scones I know today were introduced to me much later in my life. Also if you looked for a scone recipe many years ago, the only one you could have found were the ones made with self raising flour. I don’t like self raising flour and its metal aftertaste and that was the biggest obstacle to developing my love for scones. So I had to wait to improve my baking skills and open my mind to other possibilities. However, I didn’t have to wait long and now I can’t stop baking them. This is just one of the versions of my savoury scones, lately the most loved ones. Lunch boxes, picnics, between-meals-snacks, breakfast…there are endless reasons for these scones to be baked.

Then again, when I came to the idea of writing about scones, I struggled. What does a person say about scones? It’s a such a simple and ordinary dish. I had to bake these three times just to get photos. Still not sure if I am happy with them. They are so ordinary! Then it occurred to me, it’s the simplicity that won me over in the first place, so why would that change. Simplicity with good quality ingredients is all that matters and everything else can be arranged on a good photo. Having said that, I feel that am I disregarding photography, which would be far from the truth since taking photos has become my favourite part of creating a post. So in short, good photography is equally as hard process as baking and should  be appropriately rewarded. Maybe I should bake another batch of scones? Why not!

Chive scones with a sour cream and lime 

300 gr white Spelt flour

100 gr butter

200 ml milk

1 teaspoon aluminium free baking powder

1 teaspoon sea salt

1/2 lime juice

1 lime zest

150 gr sour cream

100 gr grated hard cheese

1 teaspoon tapioca starch (or cornstarch)

Pour milk into a jar, squeeze lime juice and leave aside to curdle (approximately for 5 minutes). You can use buttermilk for this recipe as well, I just like the extra taste lime gives it, so I used lime.
In a medium size bowl mix all dry ingredients. Add butter chopped into cubes and work on it with your fingers until you get fine crumbled dough. Add home made buttermilk and combine everything until you just form a dough. Don’t overwork it.
Sprinkle flour onto a working surface and roll the dough gently into approx. a 2 cm thick small rectangle. Sprinkle more flour if needed and fold dough in half once, then fold again. You’ll end up with quite a small thick rectangle. Roll gently again into a 2 cm thick rectangle and repeat the whole process one more time. That is how you will achieve the flakiness of scones.
Use the 6 cm round cookie cutter to cut the dough. Make sure it’s floured very well before starting the cutting.
This is a rather small batch and I don’t like wasting much, so all the dough that is left after cutting the scones I would fold again and repeat the whole process with so I can get another scone or two. They still turn out fine.
Bake on 180C for 20 min.
Once baked, leave to cool before topping with sour cream.
Sour cream topping:
Heat sour cream, cheese and starch in a double boiler until cheese is melted. Leave to cool slightly before use. Pour over cooled scones and decorate with lime zest.

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