Cured Ocean Trout with lemon creme fraiche and coriander

We produce, serve and eat. We share as often as possible but most of the time it’s just us, the family of three conquering a dinner table. Because of that, updating this blog just with sweets as much as we love them, was starting to be too sweet for all of us. So occasionally I am going for the other option like this one for example. A treat for sure and a mighty one! Cured ocean trout!

I believe that most of the time our productivity depends on either how keen we are to do something or how trained or informed on the subject we are. That applies to producing food as well. If one is not well informed or lacks in technique, but is keen to do it, they can do it, for sure. I thought that this technique would be a daunting one until I found the courage to do it. Now I am thinking how I should never let my fear stand between me and any task in the future. My mission is accomplished, let me know – how did you go?

What you need for this job is a bit of patience to start with, a good piece of ocean trout, some spices and herbs. Also the a good baguette and creme fraiche for serving and if you add a glass of wine to it you are well off for a great brunch or lunch. Over time I’ve tried a different versions and the one I am sharing today is my most favourite one.

Cured Ocean Trout with lemon creme fraiche and coriander

500 gr ocean trout

200 gr sugar

200 gr salt

1 star anise

3 coriander seeds

2 whole black pepper

1/4 bunch of coriander

For serving:

1 baguette

100 ml creme fraiche

zest of 1 lemon

1 teaspoon capers

1 shallot – sliced thinly

coriander for decoration

Clean and wash the piece of ocean trout. Dry with a cloth to remove any extra water.

Grind the spices in a mortal and pestle. Mix the salt and sugar, add the spices and mix all until combined.

Place clear wrap on the working bench (it needs to be long enough to wrap the whole piece of fish) and cover the middle of the glad wrap with half of the sugar and salt mixture. Place the fish on it and sprinkle lemon zest and coriander on the top. Pour the other half of the sugar and salt mixture on the top and wrap tightly with clear wrap. You need to do it three times, so the fish is nicely tucked in the sugar and salt mixture. The first layer will be the hardest one to wrap, but you’ll have to manage somehow if you want to finish the job. On the second layer it’s easier to tighten the clear wrap around the ocean trout, which is necessary if you want the fish to be cured. Thus it’s very important that trout is also equally covered with sugar and salt mixture.

Leave in the fridge for 48 hours but you have to turn it over after 24 hours so it’s cured evenly.

When it’s done take it from the fridge and wash thoroughly. Dry with the clean kitchen towel and place in an airtight container, whole or sliced. You can keep it in the fridge for several days.

Add lemon zest to creme fraiche and stir until all lemon zest is nicely incorporated into the creme fraiche.

To assemble: spread creme fraiche on a slice of the baguette. Place one thin piece of ocean trout on the top and sprinkle capers, shallots and coriander.

I say nothing can beat that colour to start with but the taste – well you have to try it yourself!

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