little tarts

spelt and quince tartlets

English is my second language. That is just a fact. What I really  wanted to talk about is the beginning of this blog and my thoughts on the topic of  language. While I was organising my ideas about this project, luckily at the same time I was reading a lot about it. Books and all reading materials on the subject as much as other blogs. That is how I came across a post by one of the most successful  story tellers, bloggers and pastry chefs in the world – David Lebovic. It was actually very simple and practical advice about starting a food blog. It went something like this…”If you are considering starting a food blog and you are a chef, then take writing lessons and if you are a writer, take cooking classes.” I loved the advice, took it seriously and grabbed my English grammar books to start with. Well I am still working on it and it’ll take some time to go through all the chapters, especially at this speed but I am actually enjoying the whole process, so I don’t mind if it takes a long time. Now finally, to make things even more serious I have consulted a dear friend Kim who is one of the most trustworthy persons I know when it comes to the English language. She is running her own business, you can check her web site Her tutoring is quite unique, tailored to suit personally and as such very effective, also she is very supportive and gives me nothing but nice words (and a few tips and advice) but the bottom line is: we both agree that when it comes to another language – learning never stops.

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baking with spelt flour

Spelt flour tart

When it comes to a choice of flour I would always choose dark or wholegrain. I find their unique flavour and texture more inspiring. I have just realised and it’s actually quite satisfying, that, when it comes to baking, the choice of ingredients are entirely up to me. But, as I said before, I made my preferences years ago. At first, I was slightly obsessed with  Rye flour. And I baked a lot. Mainly bread at that stage. (Luckily there wasn’t a need for bread more then a couple of times per week). Then along came Buckwheat flour. Bread, pastry you name it, all made with Buckwheat flour. Lately my flour of choice is – Spelt! Wholemeal more often then white spelt flour but equally loved in our household.

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quince jam

Quince jam

Quinces are in season! It’s Autumn in this part of the world and besides the wonderful changes in nature, especially its colours, quinces would be one of the first signs that the seasons are changing. Next is Winter in its white clothes but that is another story to tell. Old habits are hard to change. Speaking as a true continental climate adorer – I know.

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